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All About SD Cards

By definition, the acronym SD stands for Secure Digital, and in short, is referred to as SD cards. And as you all know, SD is the present standard for removable flash storage cards used in mobile devices and come in a wide range of three physical sizes along with a number of speeds and capacities. As for the word ‘Secure’ used in the term ‘SD card’, there are a few features that are rarely used that benefit not only Hollywood (such as the DRM feature) as well as a write-protect notch and password protection on a select few of these devices. As for their sizes, they come in three and are called Mini, Micro and normal SD cards. The normal SD cards have slots in PCs while the Micro version is largely used in Android devices. Alternatively, Mini SD cards are obsolete now. Also, these card are classified by their sizes too with the standard capacity measuring up to 2 GB, high capacity is 32 GB and extended capacity going up to 2 TB maximum. SD cards are also classified based on their speeds with the lowest being signified by the letter ‘C’ and a number where 2 is the lowest and 10 is the highest. Other cards have a ‘U’ and are designed for ultra high speeds and only for specific devices. Apart from the usual SD cards...

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How to open Google Drive files in Office directly

When Office 2013 was rolled out by Microsoft, there was a promise made that it would be deeply integrated with the cloud. Of course, this only applied to Microsoft services such as OneDrive but not for Google Drive or even Dropbox. So, Google, in seeking to fix this problem, released its plugin that works with literally every version of Office and as far back as 2007. This includes the upcoming Office 2016 too. With this plugin, you can open Google Drive in Office just as you would OneDrive. Here’s how the plugin works with Office 2013: Download and install...

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The Importance of Installing Windows Updates

Are you one of the many people who ignore the popup about available windows updates? You should not. Windows updates are issued every Tuesday by Microsoft and are available to download shortly afterward. Urgent updates are pushed as soon as they are available. These patches, and the urgent ones even more so are important for several reasons, here are some of them: Security A lot of windows updates are focused around system security. They fix vulnerabilities discovered in windows that hackers or malware can exploit. These fixes are not limited to windows itself, but to the components and software...

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Virtual reality on your mobile phone

Written by Costbuys The problem with the introduction of new technology has always been the initial cost. 3D took a long time to spread in Cinemas, and just as long when it came to consumer TVs. The same will be true for a lot of today’s emerging technologies like 4K, HDR etc. The worry is that as soon as they become affordable, they will be eclipsed by the next one, making it obsolete. Fortunately, it looks like Virtual Reality might not face the same fate. Let’s be clear, the primary virtual reality systems on the market, the Oculus Rift,...

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3 Things to Consider Before Switching to a Tablet from a Laptop

With iPads and other tablets improving in performance every other day, it becomes really tempting to consider making a clean switch to a tablet from a laptop. Best part: not only is it good for play but most definitely for work as well. But before you do this, here are 3 things to consider before making the switch: #1: Need a keyboard and mouse? Just the onscreen keyboard will not help when it comes to being productive when using a tablet. At some point, you will have to consider getting a mouse and optional keyboard too. That is, if you want to get any serious work done at all. All these modern-day tablets have optional keyboard covers apart from accessories available. #2: Which Platform to Use? The next question that you need to ask is which platform (Android, iOS or Windows) suits you best. If you need MS Office for your work, then it would be Windows even if there’s Office 365 for iOS as well. Of course, if you work with Google Apps, then just about any of these platforms would work just as well. A good way to start would involve looking at the app catalogs that will give you an idea on which platform works best for you. #3: Need additional storage? As for additional storage, most tablets come with storage amounting to 16 GB while...

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