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3 Things to Consider Before Switching to a Tablet from a Laptop

With iPads and other tablets improving in performance every other day, it becomes really tempting to consider making a clean switch to a tablet from a laptop. Best part: not only is it good for play but most definitely for work as well. But before you do this, here are 3 things to consider before making the switch: #1: Need a keyboard and mouse? Just the onscreen keyboard will not help when it comes to being productive when using a tablet. At some point, you will have to consider getting a mouse and optional keyboard too. That is, if you want to get any serious work done at all. All these modern-day tablets have optional keyboard covers apart from accessories available. #2: Which Platform to Use? The next question that you need to ask is which platform (Android, iOS or Windows) suits you best. If you need MS Office for your work, then it would be Windows even if there’s Office 365 for iOS as well. Of course, if you work with Google Apps, then just about any of these platforms would work just as well. A good way to start would involve looking at the app catalogs that will give you an idea on which platform works best for you. #3: Need additional storage? As for additional storage, most tablets come with storage amounting to 16 GB while...

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What You Need to Know About “Can You Run It”

PC gaming can be an excellent way to spend your free time. However, it can be a real headache when finding whether or not certain games work on your PC or not. Of course, if your PC has been created for gaming then that might not be much of a problem but this will be difficult if you’ve got a standard issue laptop. Going through specifics to see if your graphics card or processor can be a real task to deal with but this can all be fixed just by taking from the website, Can You Run It. What this website does is it scans your PC to find out whether your machine can handle the game you’ve been wanting to play for sometime. For this, open the website and pick the game you want to play from the dropdown list. Once you’ve done this, click the button that reads “Can You Run It”. A pop-up window will appear with three choices asking you to choose between using a desktop or web app to check your system requirements or to just read the requirements of the game manually. The recommendation from experts include picking the desktop app, installing and running it. This will redirect you to a page at the website along with the recommendations for the game you wish to run on your system. Once you’ve installed the...

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3 Ways to Separate Your PC Use for Work and Play

All if not most of us both play and work online. While you might be working on Google Drive during the day, there’s a chance that you might be chilling out and chatting with friends using Skype. Which begs the question: can you separate your personal and professional identities? That said, here are 3 ways of making this clear demarcation between these identities on Windows devices: #1: Separate browsers The first way is to use separate browsers for both work  and play. Chrome and Firefox are obvious choices. However, this will mean that you can only use one browser at a time. One way of dealing with this problem is to open multiple accounts in either browser. #2: Several Windows accounts While it is difficult to create these accounts, they’re rather easy to use for your work and personal life. Of course, all your files and work-related material can be on one account while the other one can have all your play-related stuff. In Windows 7, you can open a new account in Control Panel while in Windows 8.1, you can navigate through Settings>Change PC settings>Accounts>Other Accounts. #3: Several Google accounts The third way to do this is by switching between two Google accounts that Google allows but only if you keep in mind a couple of rules. The first is that the account that you use first will...

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How to Speed Up Your Windows PC Boot Time

One of the biggest problems with Windows has always been how long it takes to start it up in older PCs. In a few cases, this might occur due to a hardware problem such as a faulty hard disk but in most cases, it is all those pesky programs trying to start when booting up. This, in turn, occurs because of the installation of a number of apps on your system that want to be included in your PC’s startup routine. Of course, some of them are important such as the PC’s antivirus. However, there are others such as Google Hangouts or Google Now alerts that don’t need to start until much later. Of course, getting rid of these programs was difficult before Windows 8.1, thanks to a simple addition that has been made recently. For this, all you have to do is hit Ctrl+Alt+Del on your system. Select Task Manager with your mouse. When you’re back on desktop, with the Task Manager open, look for the Startup tab. Click on the tab and you will see programs that are most likely to turn on when you start your computer. Now look for the Startup Impact column within this tab, and if the program is statused ‘High’, then you will want to disable it so as to speed up your computer at startup. Before you go about disabling programs...

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How to Spot Potentially Unwanted Programs when Installing a Free Program

Potentially unwanted programs can be a real headache since they slow down performance, hamper productivity and add annoying toolbars and pop ups too. People who have had to deal with this often avoid downloading free programs but this isn’t really necessary. All you have to do is carefully avoid the traps that are present in the program’s installation wizard. For this purpose, let’s consider the program, All Free ISO Ripper, which contains every dirty trick that potentially unwanted programs use for installation on your system. While creators of this program have even turned off the “Add a Desktop Icon” in the second page of the installation wizard, this is the best you are going to get. On the next page, if you pick the Standard Installation, and which is recommended, you will install the AVG Toolbar as a result. So, the first thing to keep in mind when installing PUPs, never pick the Standard, Default or Recommended Installation but pick the Custom Installation options instead. In the case of the All Free ISO Ripper, the options to install the AVG Toolbar is already checked when you select “Custom Installation”. Of course, it’s wise to uncheck those options before you move to the next page. Speaking of which, the next page leads you to pick between an ‘Express Installation’ and ‘Custom Installation’ of PureLeads – yet another program that you...

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