• June 24, 2024

Windows Data Backup Tips

Cloud-based data backup is excellent for the advantages that it offers: not only is it easy and automatic but it also cannot be destroyed by either natural or manmade disasters.

That said, backing up your data might be good but this isn’t that effective if you want to backup Windows. This is for the simple reason that backing up your data involves copying the files that you wish to save but when it comes to saving Windows safely involves cloning or creating an image of your drive.

For that matter, system backup is not as important as data backup for the simple reason that you can always reinstall Windows and the applications that you use. Of course, this cannot be done with photos, documents and spreadsheets.

This is why you should backup your data daily while doing an image backup at least two or three times a year.

As for the disasters that can make you glad that you have data backup, the first of the lot is accidents where you can lose files. Whether you emptied the Recycle Bin before realizing that you deleted the wrong file or folder or you overwrote a project that is important, having local or online backup can save you the hassle that comes with such incidents.

There are other situations where Windows crashes and the only way you can use your system is by reinstalling the operating system. Of course, it goes without saying that you will lose all the data as a result. This is where a Windows image or backup can really help you. Once you restored your operating system, you can use the data backup to restore your files.

Finally, in the case of a flood or fire, an online backup will be better than a local one. Of course, the image backup won’t matter but at the very least, you’ll still have all your important data. You can always install your favorite applications when you pick up a new PC.