Author: James Hong

New Product Launch: Leveraging the Media

Article by Luke Richbourg Summary: A product launch is your first best opportunity to generate free media buzz to kick off sales and grab a little piece of public attention. Advertising is the art of the new; leverage the cachet of an as-yet-unseen product for free media coverage. The master of such unveilings, of course Apple’s Steve Jobs. That’s not to say you’re about to life the veil on one of the most innovative consumer electronics devices in decades. But lessons nevertheless can be drawn. As with everything, context matters. Fill a large dimly lit hall with anticipation only...

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Wicker Furniture In The Office: Why It’s Not Just For The Home

Blog provided by Wicker Paradise Wicker furniture has become a fixture in many people’s living rooms, bedrooms, and outdoor patios. Wicker sofas, chairs, or loveseats add an air of elegance and refinement to indoor living spaces, while resin wicker furniture and wicker patio furniture blend seamlessly with the surrounding greenery, as they are colored and designed to look organic and natural. However, wicker furniture’s uses aren’t just limited to decorating your home or backyard. You can also add an exotic atmosphere to your office by adding wicker office furniture to your workplace. Now, there are computer desks, benches, and...

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What You Need to Know About Free Software

Article by Pierre Zarokian It’s a known fact that free products come with strings and which is why it is good for one to be very skeptical. However, there are times when you can get free software with no hassle if you listen carefully to recommendations. What this also means is that you can get your hands on some good software without breaking the law as a result. This is for the simple reason that some companies or programmers themselves would like to have you use their software for free. In most cases, this free version is a lighter...

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Reasons for equipping the warehouse with EDI

EDI tends to impact every piece in any logistics operation, whether it is inventory management and order fulfillment or billing and vendor communication. Moreover, EDI is also used by Third Party Logistics (3PL) that communicate between the warehouse and supplier. These transactions are structured documents that contain data segments and elements based on agreed standards which are then traded all over the world. These warehouse documents are used by both suppliers and 3PLs to communicate the status of shipments between various sites such as the manufacturing plant and offsite warehouses. These document sets are extremely important to suppliers as...

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Important UX/UI considerations

User interface design is now more important than ever and is a critical role in a web design team. Here are some basic checklist items for user interface and user experience design of a website. Design The first and most important factor is that the team is happy with the design. If the product doesn’t excite the team behind the execution, how would you expect outsiders and visitors to react? The product needs a team that believes in the choices they made. Blank states There are scenarios where nothing will appear on screen. Maybe there are no search results,...

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