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How a Command Center Can Open Up New Revenue Streams for Your Broadcast Company

Summary: If your company specializes in broadcasting, then a command center can help give you more ways to expand operations and monetize. If your company specializes in broadcasting events, then you might be wondering how best you can improve upon delivering a viewing experience for users. A command center is a system that can integrate directly into your organization and the highly advanced nature of the system can help you discover new ways to monetize. Exclusive Information Command center workstations are useful because they are tailored specifically for the organizations they are integrated into. A system that is hooked...

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How to Prevent Data Loss in Your Operations Center

Summary: Losing access to important documents, presentations, and data can harm a company’s operations. There are techniques that can be followed to reduce the chances of losing critical data your company relies on.   If you and your coworkers do a lot of work digitally, it would be tragic to suddenly lose access to your data. If a desk or chair breaks you can easily order a new one online and have it in your office by the end of the week. Without taking proper prevention methods, a loss of data might not be that easy to replace. Look into different data loss prevention techniques to keep your information secure.   Reliable Hardware   A simple way to prevent data loss is to work with reliable hardware. A construction worker would invest in high quality drills, hammers, and power tools to be able to work effectively. Someone who works in an emergency operations center design should also seek out tools that they can rely on to get the job done. Investing in computers, servers, and internet setups that are fast, robust, and reliable will reduce the likelihood of a component failing, resulting in data loss.   Backup System   If something does go wrong, you want to have a backup system in mind to help you get back on your feet. When working in an operations center, you will...

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How to Lay Out Your Security Center Design

The primary security console and workstations within your command center are the heart and soul of your entire operation. It’s important to remember that you emergency operations center design includes key components that involve both electronics and a layout that offers a variety of features that will benefit your organization.   24-Hour Operation   If your command center runs 24/7, the security center must be able to accommodate an enormous number of people. You’ll want to start by planning the center’s square footage. If the space is much too small, extra bodies will hinder operations and slow it down, rather than helping.   Ceiling Height   Ceiling height is also an important factor as well. Let’s say you place multiple 60-inch monitors on the wall, you’ll want a ceiling that’s at least 10 to 15 feet high, depending on the overall layout design. You’ll want enough space to set up your workstations at least 15 feet from the wall to provide the operators a comfortable view. Consider the space that your monitors and video wall displays will eat up. Also, think about your long-term plans as well. Are you looking to expand in the coming future? Maybe you want to purchase additional workstations for your new operators.   Lighting   Another recommendation comes in the form of lighting. Indirect ceiling lighting with lamps that are directed towards the ceiling...

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Why You Should Use a VPN

Summary: VPNs are a great way of making your internet connection secure. Continue reading to find out how and why they are useful.   If you are reading this article there is a very good chance that you are connected to the internet. Maybe you are in an office or possibly even at your local coffee shop. Connecting to the internet is as simple as typing in a password, and on some public networks, you do not even need one. Do you know how secure your connection is?   A Virtual Private Network, or VPN, is a useful way of connecting your device to a network of computers so you can have an encrypted and secure connection to the internet. Continue reading to learn why you might want to use one.   For Travelers   It is important to understand that VPNs are useful if you want to prevent others from watching you browse the internet. When you use a VPN, you are making sure that the information that you send and receive over the network you are connected to will not be leaked to third parties who might want to steal your information and possibly even make a profit off of it.   Some parts of the internet are only available to people from a certain region of the world. Netflix, for example, has different content, depending on...

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How to Effectively Game on an Apple Computer

Summary: Gone are the days when gaming on a Mac was unheard of. Below are a couple of reliable methods to effectively game on a Mac today. Apple computers have had a bad reputation as being less than ideal for gaming purposes. Apple’s laptops and desktops are fast and reliable but they have not been considered fast enough to handle some of the more demanding titles. The vast majority of computer games, as a result, are only available for PCs. However, due to technological advances, it is now becoming easier to run popular games on Macs. To learn how...

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