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Why You Should Use a VPN

Summary: VPNs are a great way of making your internet connection secure. Continue reading to find out how and why they are useful.   If you are reading this article there is a very good chance that you are connected to the internet. Maybe you are in an office or possibly even at your local coffee shop. Connecting to the internet is as simple as typing in a password, and on some public networks, you do not even need one. Do you know how secure your connection is?   A Virtual Private Network, or VPN, is a useful way of connecting your device to a network of computers so you can have an encrypted and secure connection to the internet. Continue reading to learn why you might want to use one.   For Travelers   It is important to understand that VPNs are useful if you want to prevent others from watching you browse the internet. When you use a VPN, you are making sure that the information that you send and receive over the network you are connected to will not be leaked to third parties who might want to steal your information and possibly even make a profit off of it.   Some parts of the internet are only available to people from a certain region of the world. Netflix, for example, has different content, depending on...

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How to Effectively Game on an Apple Computer

Summary: Gone are the days when gaming on a Mac was unheard of. Below are a couple of reliable methods to effectively game on a Mac today. Apple computers have had a bad reputation as being less than ideal for gaming purposes. Apple’s laptops and desktops are fast and reliable but they have not been considered fast enough to handle some of the more demanding titles. The vast majority of computer games, as a result, are only available for PCs. However, due to technological advances, it is now becoming easier to run popular games on Macs. To learn how...

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Effective cooling solutions for factories, warehouses, and small data centers.

Summary: Managing industrial cooling cost effectively is a tough task. The solution lies in portable air conditioners or ceiling mounted air conditioners for limited floor space environments. Every industry faces a daunting challenge when it comes to managing the cooling of factories, warehouses, and other hot workplace environments. Most common cooling solutions involve costly central air conditioning which is not cost effective for after-hours and weekend, when its just a few employees working. Let’s look at a breakdown of what sort of cooling solutions will support these needs. One of the most versatile cooling solutions for industrial use is...

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Predicting the Future of Digital Wallets and Their Impact on Consumerism

Summary: There’s plenty of attention surrounding digital wallets already, but with expanding technological developments, expect them to offer even more functionality.  The economy tends to change rapidly. While it might be difficult to believe, there are already places where cash is no longer viewed as a primary currency. This article will dive into where people are projecting the future payment landscape will be come 2020. With a variety of different small business credit card processing systems already available to the public, there will soon be many more ways to pay for goods and services. For one, you’ll be able...

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The winners of 2017 Blavatnik National Awards for Young Scientists

The Blavatnik Young Scientists award recognizes pioneers in bioengineering, chemistry, and nanoscience. This year’s awards selected three rising stars in the fields of life sciences, chemistry, and engineering. The selected winners offered the new groundbreaking technology that will help to eradicate disease, solve energy problems and protect the environment. The winners are: Dr. Feng Zhang – Dr. Feng Zhang has a Ph.D. and is a Core Member of the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard. He is also an Associate Professor of Brain and Cognitive Sciences and Biomedical Engineering at MIT. Zhang has also worked as a Robertson Investigator...

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