• June 24, 2024

Three Filmmaking Problems and How to Solve Them

Article by Pierre Zarokian

Filmmaking is a constant learning experience, and every experience will bring a host of new challenges. Of course, some of those problems are recurring and easy to solve if you understand what causes them. This creative pursuit can be extremely rewarding, but here are three common problems all of us face and some thoughts on overcoming them.


One of the biggest and most common problems for low budget films especially, is staying within budget. Knowing your script is your best defense against budget overages. Choose a script that works within your budget, meaning effects and long-distance location changes are kept to a minimum. You can still have a solid set piece, just choose your elements wisely. Also remember you’re budgeting for post production, marketing and distribution as well.

Work with Experienced People

Experienced people do cost money, but working with them carries its own set of advantages. Experienced people also help save time in post too. An experienced camera person can help by labeling takes. Blocking shots properly, picking up audio through external mics and generally improving on-set production will help post go a lot smoother. Don’t pressure yourself, but try to keep in mind that time really is money.

Avoid Mistakes

Make sure you coordinate your production schedule, plotting everything out well in advance, and that key members of your crew understand what is going on. Don’t cut corners on safety, plan better. Nothing halts a production faster than an avoidable lawsuit for worker’s compensation.

About The Author:
Pierre Zarokian is a marketing guru from Glendale, CA. He runs Web Design Express, a web design company based in Los Angeles. He is also the CEO of Submit Express, an SEO company in existence since 1998, the same year Google launched.