Important UX/UI considerations

User interface design is now more important than ever and is a critical role in a web design team. Here are some basic checklist items for user interface and user experience design of a website.


The first and most important factor is that the team is happy with the design. If the product doesn’t excite the team behind the execution, how would you expect outsiders and visitors to react? The product needs a team that believes in the choices they made.

Blank states

There are scenarios where nothing will appear on screen. Maybe there are no search results, or there are no entries in that table yet. Model out your blank states and then create UI to handle those moments.

Error states

Much like the blank states, account for every possible error state and then create a workflow that prevents that from happening. Don’t expect your users to figure out how a system works, instead help them do it right.


Whenever possible, like when something is loading, show some animation that indicates something is happening. Ideally, show progress so that the user has an expectation of when that action will finish. Loading animations are a good example of something that keeps people waiting longer.


Use real data in your designs and always test a dummy of the website with at least five potential end users to iron out kinds before moving to a design phase.

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