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How a Command Center Can Open Up New Revenue Streams for Your Broadcast Company

Summary: If your company specializes in broadcasting, then a command center can help give you more ways to expand operations and monetize. If your company specializes in broadcasting events, then you might be wondering how best you can improve upon delivering a viewing experience for users. A command center is a system that can integrate directly into your organization and the highly advanced nature of the system can help you discover new ways to monetize. Exclusive Information Command center workstations are useful because they are tailored specifically for the organizations they are integrated into. A system that is hooked...

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Predicting the Future of Digital Wallets and Their Impact on Consumerism

Article by Summary: There’s plenty of attention surrounding digital wallets already, but with expanding technological developments, expect them to offer even more functionality.  The economy tends to change rapidly. While it might be difficult to believe, there are already places where cash is no longer viewed as a primary currency. This article will dive into where people are projecting the future payment landscape will be come 2020. With a variety of different small business credit card processing systems already available to the public, there will soon be many more ways to pay for goods and services. For one,...

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4 Components To Protect Your Windows PC

Article by Pierre Zarokian. Modern day criminals know that the internet is where the money is and which is where they spend their time. Which means that us honest people have to be twice as careful. It should be obvious that protecting your information online is far more complex than keeping your bag close or even locking your door. Here are 4 important components of protecting your Windows PC: 1: Antivirus Make sure whenever Windows in running, it should run an up-to-date antivirus program. This program will run in the background and block not only viruses but all types of...

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4 Steps to Compressing (and Uploading) Your iPhone Photos

Whether you’ve taken too many photos or are upgrading to the latest version of iPhone, at some point of time or the other, you’ll need to save your photos somewhere. With Flickr being the best option online, you’ll still need to compress them, thanks to limited space (about 1 Terabyte), before uploading these pictures. So, here are 4 steps to compressing iPhone photos: Step #1: Import Photos to iPhoto The first step involves connecting your iPhone to your Mac so as to open iPhoto. Create a new folder and add your iPhone photos to this folder. Now, select all...

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How to Prevent Data Loss in Your Operations Center

Summary: Losing access to important documents, presentations, and data can harm a company’s operations. There are techniques that can be followed to reduce the chances of losing critical data your company relies on.   If you and your coworkers do a lot of work digitally, it would be tragic to suddenly lose access to your data. If a desk or chair breaks you can easily order a new one online and have it in your office by the end of the week. Without taking proper prevention methods, a loss of data might not be that easy to replace. Look...

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