• June 24, 2024

How to Lay Out Your Security Center Design

The primary security console and workstations within your command center are the heart and soul of your entire operation. It’s important to remember that you emergency operations center design includes key components that involve both electronics and a layout that offers a variety of features that will benefit your organization.


24-Hour Operation


If your command center runs 24/7, the security center must be able to accommodate an enormous number of people. You’ll want to start by planning the center’s square footage. If the space is much too small, extra bodies will hinder operations and slow it down, rather than helping.


Ceiling Height


Ceiling height is also an important factor as well. Let’s say you place multiple 60-inch monitors on the wall, you’ll want a ceiling that’s at least 10 to 15 feet high, depending on the overall layout design. You’ll want enough space to set up your workstations at least 15 feet from the wall to provide the operators a comfortable view. Consider the space that your monitors and video wall displays will eat up. Also, think about your long-term plans as well. Are you looking to expand in the coming future? Maybe you want to purchase additional workstations for your new operators.




Another recommendation comes in the form of lighting. Indirect ceiling lighting with lamps that are directed towards the ceiling can reduce glare, which can make it extremely difficult to concentrate on large monitors and desktop computer screens. Now, upon installation, if there is not enough light still, check with a lighting consultant to ensure that the lighting is done right.


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