How a Command Center Can Open Up New Revenue Streams for Your Broadcast Company

Summary: If your company specializes in broadcasting, then a command center can help give you more ways to expand operations and monetize.

If your company specializes in broadcasting events, then you might be wondering how best you can improve upon delivering a viewing experience for users. A command center is a system that can integrate directly into your organization and the highly advanced nature of the system can help you discover new ways to monetize.

Exclusive Information

Command center workstations are useful because they are tailored specifically for the organizations they are integrated into. A system that is hooked up to the databases that exist within the organization that can also access incoming information from external parties can be used to aggregate information that is relevant to the company.

If your company is broadcasting a sporting event, for example, you could take advantage of the rich data by displaying important statistics or figures on the people’s screens. The robust system could also help you switch between different interviews and overlays, depending on the situation. You could sell a premium tier for access to this exclusive content.

Different Angles

When you work with high-end workstation designer, they will help you find a setup that works best for your needs and budget. Expanding on the premium tier, you can give users the freedom to choose between different angles or camera feeds to personalize their viewing experience. Some viewers might prefer to watch the game from an static point-of-view, while others might prefer to follow the action up-close. These features will give viewers more relevant information to make the broadcast more engaging and helpful.





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