• May 22, 2024

Boating Technology Today

Article by Turtle Pac.

If you spend more of your time down nautical miles, you know that the life in the high seas (or the lake) isn’t as easy as how it’s portrayed in the televisions. It’s some serious business – especially choosing the right motor for your boat and the maintenance of those boat motors.

Typically, there are known brands out there that supply high-quality motors, boat parts and accessories that are great for those looking into buying additional units for their use. However, for those who already have their bits of machinery, trading up isn’t normally a viable solution.

While some boat motors have been improved with the influx of innovations provided by modern technology, such as Mercruiser Sterndrives, which are typically an inboard/outboard drive propulsion system combining inboard power with outward drive (as power is carried from the inboard engine to a propeller below the waterline to propel the boat), others may not be as up-to-date with their integrated technologies. As such, it goes without saying that maintenance for these, and also purchases of replacement parts are usually different for different brands and different models.

One thing that you have to always keep in mind is that you have to periodically check your motors, and never hesitate to replace parts that have been worn out beyond use, as continued use may result into much graver consequences. Never just settle for quick-fix solutions and generic parts as they may just produce the same consequences as never getting them fixed at all.