• June 24, 2024

3 Ways To Use An Old Hard Drive

Putting an old hard drive to good use is easier than you think even if you don’t see how that’s possible.

 Of course, if you think that all it can be used for is as a paperweight or you have no other options but to get rid of it, that’s not true.

With that said, here are 3 ways by which you can use an old hard drive:

#1: You can donate it

Just because you might find little or no use for an old hard drive, that doesn’t mean there are others who might have no need for it either. In fact, the simplest way you can extend the use of an old hard drive is to find out whether you can donate it to a school, local non-profit organization or even family and friends who can find some use for it.

Of course, remember to format your hard drive before you do so.

#2: Use it with your desktop

The next option would be to use it on your desktop so as to get extra space. Again, the ability to use the hard drive is more likely to work with a desktop rather than a laptop. Another factor that might work in your favor is if the drive connects via the SATA interface, but more importantly if your computer has an extra drive bay.

#3: Turn it into an external hard drive

If you aren’t able to add it as internal storage, have no fear: you can use it as external storage. All you need to do get a USB enclosure that could cost about $20 or so.