• June 24, 2024

Cell Phone Charger Alternatives and Tips when Traveling

Going short of juice in your smartphone is not a major bother when you’re at home. When traveling, running short of power may leave you stuck at a gate with no boarding pass, get lost in a backcountry, or dining at a cheap restaurant instead of a starred bistro whose details had been texted to you by a friend. Here are some tips from Dev Randhawa to make sure you’re never stuck in this terrible situation.

Therefore, when packing your bags for a few days travel, carrying a portable charger will be useful in ensuring that the above mishaps don’t happen to you. You’ll find different portable mobile phone chargers that will keep the phone fully charged irrespective of where you’ll be.

Purchasing a portable charger or a power bank before traveling is a wise investment. The chargers come in different sizes making it easier for you when packing. Before you purchase the portable charger, ensure that it’s compatible with your smartphone. Phones use different charging system and failure to observe this can frustrate your efforts.

The solar paper is a thin and light solar charger ideal for packing when traveling. It charges small gadgets like cameras, smartphones, and tablets, through a standard port for USB charging. It charges the devices within a short time and can be recharged by exposing it to sun rays.

Besides various solar chargers, power bank devices are also useful. The gadgets come in small sizes with different power capacity. You’ll only need to establish which charger suits your phone to experience speed, versatility, durability, capacity and great value for your phone.

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