Three ways portable air conditioners reduce energy usage

Summary: There is a lot of room for savings when using a portable a/c, with better temperature control and more efficient cooling.

One of the biggest costs for the average home is the energy bill. Cooling in the summer months is a costly affair and bringing it down by even a little will make a big difference over the long term. Here are three reasons why you can reduce your cooling costs by using a portable a/c:

Energy efficient cooling

The most obvious reason a portable air conditioner reduces your cooling costs is the mobility of the device. You can move it from room to room, wherever you need cooling. You will only be cooling the occupied location of the house and doing so at the amount of cooling you require. With a portable a/c, you will hardly need to use your central a/c unless everyone is at home. According to, there is a potential cost of reduction of as much as 50%.

Better temperature control

When the temperature control is local, you can control the setting more effectively. The problem when using a whole house HVAC system is that it cools the entire house, and any temperature changes take longer. The HVAC needs to regulate the temperature, and that change can take time.

Faster cooling

Also, a portable a/c will cool faster, since it only needs to cool the room, while the central a/c needs to cool the entire house. It is also more efficient since, if there is only one person in the house, you only need to cool the room occupied by that person.







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