Effective cooling solutions for factories, warehouses, and small data centers.

Summary: Managing industrial cooling cost effectively is a tough task. The solution lies in portable air conditioners or ceiling mounted air conditioners for limited floor space environments.

Every industry faces a daunting challenge when it comes to managing the cooling of factories, warehouses, and other hot workplace environments. Most common cooling solutions involve costly central air conditioning which is not cost effective for after-hours and weekend, when its just a few employees working. Let’s look at a breakdown of what sort of cooling solutions will support these needs.

One of the most versatile cooling solutions for industrial use is the portable air conditioner. You can place the cooling where you need it the most when you need it the most. When you can’t use the central air conditioner due to cost concerns over the weekend, you can place portable units along operational lines to keep employees comfortable (and productive).

Indoor environments with high thermal load electronics can also use portable units. The cooling capacity on top of the line units goes from 12,000 btu all the way to 60,000 btu. The beauty of a portable a/c is that you can just roll it in and switch it on. Most units require almost no installation.

You can also use ceiling mounted units when there are limitations in floor space in tight factory spaces. Most modern factories and warehouses make very good use of all available square footage, and there is very little room for floor based units.







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