• June 24, 2024

3 Ways to Keep Your Outlook Email Account Clean

Almost ten years have passed since Gmail overtook Hotmail in the email with a number of users now switching back to the polished Outlook that is, for all practical purposes, Hotmail’s successor.

This trend is for the simple reason that Outlook has a number of features that make it so much better than its competitors.

That said, here are 3 tips that will help you manage your Outlook email account better:

#1: Schedule a sweep

Not only will this feature allow you to sending certain messages to certain folders but it will also

help you to clean out messages from certain senders. In fact, you can even regularly schedule a cleanup of old messages or even newsletters that you receive on a regular basis. It’s easier to use than you think and can keep your inbox clutter-free.

#2: OneDrive Integration

Similar to Gmail’s integration with Google drive, Outlook has also done the same with OneDrive. Instead of sending large files to people, you can upload the file to OneDrive and send them a link. All you have to do is select the Insert from the blue options bar at the top of the compose Windows as well as select Share from OneDrive in the drop-down menu. In doing this, a link will be added to the bottom of the email and will allow viewers to see or even download the file.

#3: The ‘View’ menu

The ‘View’ menu comes with a number of features that allows you to see messages based on pre-determined types. From the view menu, you can see unread messages, only messages from contacts, newsletters, social updates or even groups. The View option is located just above your messages in the main Outlook.com inbox.