How to Use Dropbox’s New Bookmarks Feature

Accessing your bookmarks can be a serious problem especially if you switch between Chrome, Safari and even Internet Explorer. Of course, there are alternatives such as Delicious and Evernote but now there’s a new one.

Yes, you can drag-and-drop bookmarks into the DropBox web app. Or even drop them into File Explorer on your desktop.

Here’s how you use DropBox to create a wealth of bookmarks that you can use in the future. Of course, you can drop URLs anywhere in your Dropbox account but let’s focus on adding them into one folder.

autschFirst, you create a folder in Dropbox called Bookmarks or whatever name you would like. Next, you find the bookmark that you want to drop into the folder created. In order to collect the URL, you’ll have to find an icon to the left of your Chrome or Firefox browser.

In Chrome it is a piece of paper with a folded corner. In Firefox, you will see a globe. Of course, if you’re on a HTTPS connection, then you will see a green lock icon.

Also, it must be pointed out that Microsoft Edge – the new browser for Windows 10 – or even Internet Explorer does not support this Dropbox feature of dragging and dropping links. This could change for Edge in the weeks to come as Microsoft continues to roll out changes.

Once you click that link, then you can drag it into the browser tab and then drop the link into the Bookmarks folder.

Of course, until now, Dropbox hasn’t released a tool that can help you to export bookmarks from a particular browser but this should work just as well.