• June 24, 2024

How to Speed Up Your Windows PC Boot Time

One of the biggest problems with Windows has always been how long it takes to start it up in older PCs.

In a few cases, this might occur due to a hardware problem such as a faulty hard disk but in most cases, it is all those pesky programs trying to start when booting up.

This, in turn, occurs because of the installation of a number of apps on your system that want to be included in your PC’s startup routine.

Of course, some of them are important such as the PC’s antivirus. However, there are others such as Google Hangouts or Google Now alerts that don’t need to start until much later.

Of course, getting rid of these programs was difficult before Windows 8.1, thanks to a simple addition that has been made recently.

For this, all you have to do is hit Ctrl+Alt+Del on your system. Select Task Manager with your mouse. When you’re back on desktop, with the Task Manager open, look for the Startup tab.

Click on the tab and you will see programs that are most likely to turn on when you start your computer. Now look for the Startup Impact column within this tab, and if the program is statused ‘High’, then you will want to disable it so as to speed up your computer at startup.

Before you go about disabling programs from startup, remember that you will have to do manually run it once you have started your system.

One last thing: be careful not to disable a program from the PC manufacturer or the component maker or even critical programs such as the anti-virus.