• June 24, 2024

Laptops for Net Radio?

Twenty or even ten years ago, people would generally clip on their Walkman or Discman if they wanted to listen to music while they were on the go.  These days, the iPod and other MP3 players are the most popular choice for portable music options.  Likewise, Internet radio is growing by leaps and bounds, giving people a wider range of options than they would have if they were merely tuning in to what was being broadcast over the airwaves.  However, these two music listening trends have yet to meet in a manner that could be considered an industry standard.

There is one computing trend that does allow for the combination of Internet radio and music on the go. Netbooks, a category of sub-notebook computers that are both highly portable and inexpensive, have exploded in popularity over the last year.  Designed for those who want to browse the Internet, edit documents, and listen to music while they’re on the move, netbooks offer an impressive number of options to those interested in staying connected wherever they go.

While they aren’t the most powerful computers, netbooks are perfectly suited for Internet applications like tuning in your favorite online radio stations.  If you’re looking to work on the go and enjoy your favorite music, news, or sports at the same time, tuning into online radio stations with a netbook is an ideal solution. The most recent models have an impressive battery life as well — up to nine hours, or so the specs claim. This means you’ll be able to listen to your favorite online radio stations and get work done all day long.