Author: James Hong

What You Need to Know About Sync & Storage and Backup Services

  Article written by Techicated, technology news & resources For those who aren’t aware of the difference between backup and sync & storage services, it’s true that they’re both cloud-based services but they’ve been created for different purposes. While both these services will back your files in a protected environment and they can be accessed from anywhere, there are certain differences that make each of them unique in their functions. While sync services such as Google Drive and Dropbox require you to upload all files to one folder while backup services allow you to upload files into separate folders if...

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Mobile Phones With Mini Projectors

The technology has so far advanced by reaps and bounds and one area which has not been left behind is the computer industry that is associated with the mobile handset. The mobile innovations have become ceaseless and the advancement in technology has now resulted to the innovations of the mini projectors. If you want to realize a total change when you are travelling then you need to consider owning a mobile phone that comes with the mini projectors. Now you do not have to worry on how to carry 12 pound projector, the mini projectors are portable and can...

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How to Turn Off Mozilla’s Ads for the New Tab Page

It’s been a few months riddled with controversy, tweaking and teasing after Firefox has placed its native ads on the “New Tab” page. Regardless of what you think, they aren’t so bad really. From one’s first impression of these ads, it is clear that they limit the attention drawn to them as much as possible, are labeled with clarity and avoid collecting user data that is personally identifiable. What is also clear is that they have stopped depending on Google, which does collect personal data, and this can only mean a good thing for the future. However, despite all...

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3 Simple Ways to Move Data from Windows XP to a New PC

With support ending for Windows XP as we know it, the only options that you might have include upgrading to Windows 7 or 8 or even Linux. This also means that you might have to move your data, which might seem like a real headache. Actually, nothing can be further from the truth. That said, here are 4 ways to transfer data from Windows XP to a new PC: #1: Cloud-based Storage If you don’t want to spend any money on storage, then you can opt for cloud-based storage that is free of cost. Since there are a number of providers, you can put together almost 50 to 100 GB for all your data that you will have to upload. Of course, if you don’t have the patience of dealing with a number of accounts, you can pay a bit to get extra storage on a couple of these accounts. #2: Flash drive or external hard drive This is the simplest (and most common) method which doesn’t require you to download any software or even run through a particular set of steps to move data either. Plug your external hard drive or flash drive into your system and then transfer files. And while you won’t have to spend much to get external hard or flash drives, the only thing that you will have to deal with is manually selecting...

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What You Need to Know About Add-Ons on Google Drive

It’s been two years since Google has added third-party app integration for Google Apps for Enterprises.   Now, it’s also available for those who use Google Drive as well – in other words, for the rest of us.   How this will help Google Drive users is that it will add extra functionality to both Google’s sheets and Docs.   Speaking of extra functionality, with this new add-on integration feature, users can avail of options such as label creation, bibliography formatting and even use popular services such as HelloFax and UberConference.   So, if you have been using Google Drive already, these add-ons are already available to you and can be easily installed as well. However, there is one catch: You need to update the Sheets Refresh first so as to use these add-ons for spreadsheets.   That said, in order to access these adds-ons, all you have to do is go to the top of the page and click on “Add-ons” and “Get add-ons” from the drop down list. It doesn’t matter if it’s a spreadsheet or a word processing document – this process is the same.   Once you click the option, a pop-up window appears which is very similar to the add-ons store not very different from Google Chrome’s Web Store.   Finally, all you have to do is select the add-on of your choice by...

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