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Apple’s iPhone Woes

The overwhelming joy that many Apple fans felt when they got hold of the fabled iPhone 4G, soon turned sour when the first big bug was discovered. “Want to talk? Hold it right.” It quickly became evident that the...

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The End of The (Free) Ride

Skype 2.0 for the iPhone is finally available for download. However, the jubilation experienced by all of those who were waiting for it may be short lived. The free ride has a time limit and that limit may be as close as six...

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No plastic? No iPad!

iCaramba! That’s what Bart Simpson would say, because even Bart Simpson has a heart. It would be heartless to be rude to an old woman, but it would be downright evil to be rude AND to break the heart of an old disabled...

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Google Gears Comes to an End

It is rare but a Google-based technology that has become obsolete, as Google has decided to halt any further development on it. The technology in question is Google Gears. Gears was positioned by Google as the integral cog of...

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