Month: January 2015

Tips on Finding Actors for Your First Film

Article written by computech blog, we bring you the latest on technology and internet Film can be an eye opening business. As directors, producers, actors and crew, our jobs are creative in nature but we must make a film that sells. Indies learn quickly that you can’t do that relying on friends. Friends over act, they do not take stage direction well, and even the best intentioned can be flakey or moody. Friends don’t make films, so you need to learn how to hire actors who can. Here are tips for the first timer to pursue filmmaking seriously. Recruitment...

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What You Need to Know About Windows and Data Backup

Cloud-based data backup is excellent for the advantages that it offers: not only is it easy and automatic but it also cannot be destroyed by either natural or manmade disasters. That said, backing up your data might be good but this isn’t that effective if you want to backup Windows. This is for the simple reason that backing up your data involves copying the files that you wish to save but when it comes to saving Windows safely involves cloning or creating an image of your drive. For that matter, system backup is not as important as data backup...

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