Written by Kaki West

Regardless of how many times people make fun of the selfie, this 21st century-version of the self portrait seems to be here to stay. And why not? Sometimes if you want something done right (in this case, a good photograph of yourself), you have to do it yourself. So here are my tips on how to take the perfect selfie:

Know Your Good Side

Everyone has a good side (see Kaki West pics), or the side of their face that is more proportioned or symmetrical than the other side. Take a few pics of both sides of your face to discover your best angle. Then, go to town! It doesn’t matter how many times you take a photo of the same side of your face — as long as it’s your good side, you’re good to go.

Be Yourself

The whole idea behind the selfie is to express yourself. Whether you want to reveal your face without makeup, display your goofy side, or show off a new outfit, be yourself. This means don’t be afraid to take a photo you’ve never seen done before. Get creative, and stay true to who you are.

Kaki West is a model, actress, and television host. To see the latest Kaki West images, visit her blog now.