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On the heels of nearly a half-dozen record-setting Lotto jackpots within the last 12 months, California-based LottoGopher.com has now made it possible for State residents to order lottery tickets online and coordinate office pools virtually.

This unique concierge service travels to the store to both purchase tickets and redeem the winnings on behalf of users. Winning player accounts are then funded with 100 percent of their prize money. LottoGopher keeps no portion of the prizes, large or small.

With lotteries across the country facing an aging user base, LottoGopher provides an innovative way to bring in younger players that prefer technology-enabled entertainment. This in turn brings in additional revenues for the educational programs the lottery supports by bringing in players who wouldn’t normally travel to the retail outlet on their own.

For consumers looking to get a winning edge by playing in California lottery “pools,” online social networks available through LottoGopher provide a familiar forum to create and play in groups.  Aside from making the traditional office pool easier to manage, players can also create lottery groups from their Facebook, Twitter and other online social networks by inviting friends or join public pools with other community members.

LottoGopher also features free and monthly subscription options, so consumers can carefully budget with controlled spending instead of impulse buying Powerball tickets online. This feature also ensures that passive players can play when they choose and regular players do not miss a drawing.

Consumers remain the legal owner of any lottery tickets ordered, with a sophisticated system that tracks orders, ticket transportation and a secure storage vault. LottoGopher audits all security procedures using the latest encrypted SSL technology, and features secure privacy for subscribers and appropriate safeguards to ensure age verification.

The team behind LottoGopher is an experienced website development group, with a customer service facility and management team with historical success in the consumer services sector.

Features & Benefits for Consumers


  • Order official lottery tickets online
  • Powerball, Mega Millions and Super Lotto always available
  • Members keep 100 percent of winnings
  • LottoGopher goes to the store so members don’t have to
  • LottoGopher checks and redeems all winning tickets for members
  • Users’ accounts are instantly funded 100 percent of their winnings


  • Never misplace or lose tickets with winning lottery numbers
  • Bonded messengers store members’ tickets in a secure vault
  • Every ticket is the legal property of the buyer
  • LottoGopher is a U.S. based company legally registered in California
  • The credit card processing is handled securely through Wells Fargo bank


  • Play solo or pool tickets into groups
  • Create a group to play with friends
  • Join one of LottoGopher’s many public groups
  • Share tips and strategies in forums and message boards
  • Move traditional offline office pools to an easy-to-manage online format

Price Points

  • Basic Membership is free
  • Monthly Membership plan is just $12
  • Annual Membership plan is just $99
  • California Lottery tickets are always the same price as at the store

LottoGopher is a social lottery website that allows customers to order lottery tickets online. The company makes it simple to pick lottery numbers and order tickets for all of the official jackpot drawings within the State of California, including MEGA Millions and Powerball.