Month: December 2013

Hiring IT Support

Just because you run a small to medium sized business, doesn’t mean you can’t hang with the big dogs when it comes to an IT department. While traditional options may kill your revenue, nowadays you can simply hire IT consultants. Los Angeles has many to choose from so keep reading to find out what to look for. If you’re based in LA, any consultant in the metro area will do. If you find network support Orange County businesses rely on, that will work. This is a remote position, after all, and you probably won’t need them in the office often. To narrow the list of candidates, however, you will want to speak with them in person. So do your due diligence by looking for companies that provide the exact services you need and can offer you only those. You don’t want to end up paying for services you just don’t need. Look for companies that support businesses your size. If your hire a great group, but they’re used to businesses much smaller than yours, mistakes will happen and it could wind up costing you money or customers. Lastly, when you speak with your candidates, try to get a sense for how it will be to work with them. When you have an IT emergency, there won’t be time for anything but solutions, so you’ll want a group of people...

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3 Tips to Keeping Your Laptop Safe While You Travel

If you’re off on a holiday trip, then there’s no question that the laptop will be coming with you. As you all know, there’s just no way you can fully escape work. However, there are times when things can go wrong and you might end up having your laptop stolen or lost. For this, here are 3 security tips that you can consider when traveling: #1: Ensure you carry it in a padded bag Your laptop is not for carrying around your arm, book bag or backpack but requires a decent one that is padded. The reason for this is that travel involves a lot of pushing bags into tight spots and so, if you shove a little too hard, the laptop can get damaged quite easily. So, ensure you pick a bag that has plenty of protection while also having separate sections for power cables and accessories. #2: Switch it off No matter what you do, don’t leave your computer on when placing it in a padded bag. The heat can damage the computer in a number of ways and is probably your laptop’s worst enemy. So to be on the safe side, instead of hibernating the laptop, it’s a good idea to turn it off completely. #3: Back it up and lock it down It’s a disaster losing your laptop which would contain files of sensitive information...

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