If you don’t like spoilers, then the Internet is not the place for you. Thanks to Facebook, Twitter, blogs and news sites, you’ll know what’s happened with your favorite show, even if you didn’t need to.

Considering how easily a comment or a headline can reveal all, going through with a web blackout might be the order of the day.

However, if you’re using Chrome, you don’t have to take such drastic steps since installing Unspoiler, an extension, removes any mentions of your favorite TV show.

In other words, you can resume browsing normally without worrying about spoilage as you browse the web or spend time stay connected with other on a number of social media sites.

Once you install this extension, all you have to do is click the Unspoiler icon and type the name of a show that you want to unspoil. Better still, you can right-click the icon and select Options in order to deal with more detailed settings.

So, if you are looking for any other steps: there aren’t any. That’s it.

However, now you will have to test the filter as to whether it works or not and for this, it’s a good idea to visit a website such as Entertainment Weekly. Now if the show that you’ve entered is “The Walking Dead”, instead of a headline, you’ll see a red banner.

Alternatively, if you do want to read the article, then all you have to do is click ‘show spoiler’ or even ‘save spoiler’ if you want to read it later at Unspoiler.tv.

All in all, instead of having to stay clear of the web just so you can avoid spoilers, this Chrome extension is the perfect and a simple solution to use instead.