If you’ve got a normal trial of Office trial either by it being installed on a PC or if you’ve downloaded from other sources, you only have thirty days to try it for free.

But while that might be enough for several users, a longer trial often tends to make more sense. If for no other reason, it might give you a little more time so as to save up some cash to buy the full software.

In the past, IT administrators and normal users could reset their trial of Office 2010 for as many as five times over. Now this is possible with Office 2013 and is quite simple to run through, and that will last for almost 180 days, giving you enough time to try out the software as much as possible.

So, here are the simplest steps to try Office 2013 for six months:

Step #1: Open Explorer

Step #2: Click inside the address bar, and paste this link: C:\Program Files\Common
Files\Microsoft Shared\OfficeSoftwareProtectionPlatform

Step #3: Click inside the address bar once more, and then type: OSPPREARM.EXE. Hit Enter once you’re done.

One important thing to keep in mind is that you have to reset your trial every 30 days, and won’t be possible if your trial expires. So, keep track of the number of days used on a calendar, if you must.

With that said, you can always fall back on the 60-day trial offered by TechNet which you have to register for, and that holds good even till this day.