Let’s face it: our laptops are usually subjected to a lot of abuse, and end up in a manufacturer’s shop, costing us a bit.

But it doesn’t have to be that way as there are simple, inexpensive fixes, and so here are three such fixes for common laptop issues:

#1: Damaged Power Cord

It goes without saying that a damaged power cord is dangerous. If it’s the connector that plugs into your computer that’s damaged, then you’ll have to purchase one from the manufacturer of the notebook.

The other option is to roll some duct tape over it and pray that nothing serious happens or you can use some silicon sealant to cover the damaged area properly. Give it an hour or two to cure and you’re good, until of course, you can get a replacement.

#2: Cracked Notebook Case

Dropping one’s notebook is a common experience that most users can relate to, and in most case, it’s the corners that end up cracked or create a hole that you can really do without.

In order to fix this, you can use a tube of epoxy putty (not the quick-setting variety) which can be bought online for anywhere between $4 to $6.

First, ensure that you clean the broken or cracked part of the notebook of any pieces before you begin to mix the putty together and work it into the broken area all the while shaping the putty to fit in the hole with your fingers. You can either choose to leave it the way it is or paint it to match the color of the laptop once the putty dries.

#3: Stuck Key

One of the most annoying issues that you can face with a keyboard is when a key gets stuck.

For this, just key in your notebook model along with the word ‘keyboard’ in a search engine and you should find a list of online stores (like LaptopZ or GetPartsOnline) that can sell you refurbished keyboards from $5 to $20 or $15 to $100 for a new one.

As for installing the keyboard yourself, you can find clear step-by-instructions online.