In recent news, experts are gushing over Microsoft Office’s new features, there is a downside, considering all this change has led to more complications with earlier versions of this offering being just as difficult to use.


So, here are 3 very annoying Office 2013 flaws, and solutions to fix them:


#1: Saving to SkyDrive by Default


While there is confusion as to which install of Office 2013 leads to every document being saved to SkyDrive by default, it’s simple to find out. Open a new document, and select ‘Save as’ and if you find that SkyDrive is highlighted, then your documents are being saved online by default.


Fix: Changing this default option is easy. Just select File, Options as well as Save and check the box which states ‘Save to computer by default’.


#2: Do we need the “Read Mode”?


This feature kicks into action every time you double-click a DOCX or DOC file which has been sent to you in Outlook as an attachment. While this, according to some experts, turns MS Outlook into a digital magazine, it’s a real pain especially if you’re using touch.


Fix: Select File, Options and make sure the ‘General’ tab is displayed. At the bottom, it’s a good idea to uncheck the box which says “Open email attachments and other uneditable files in Reading view”.


#3: All Caps Titles


Reading something in Caps is annoying, and we all ses instances of this over the internet. Unfortunately, the new Office 2013 tab titles’ are also written in Caps, and can be just as infuriating to read. Fortunately, this is easy to fix as well.


Fix: Right-click any tab and select ‘Customize the ribbon’. Now, on the right, select any name that you would wish to change and give a new one. In case, you want to keep the original name, use spaces or other characters along with the original name. Meaning to say, if the tab is named ‘HOME’, you cannot rename it as ‘Home’.