Apple is reportedly testing new television designs although its release, according to experts, is a long way away. But it’s true – the company is collaborating with Sharp and Hon Hai (FoxConn) to release a new television apart from the set-top boxes that they usually ship out every year. In the past however, analysts like Gene Munster has said that the company is working on a TV but it has so far seemed to have come up with nothing.

Considering the secrecy with which Apple conducts its affairs, it can be safely said that the testing has reached a stage of maturity as companies usually don’t work with their manufacturing or component partners in the early stages. Also, in his biography written by Walter Isaacson, Steve Jobs exclaimed that he had ‘cracked it’ while also discussing at length, Apple’s plans, for this space. Of course, Jobs wasn’t referring to the release of a new television but actually the use of Siri for this space, and which is already being used on the iPhone 4S. Put simply, using this interface will replace the remote control for good since you can just talk to your television set.

In fact, Jobs in his biography says that it “will be simplest user interface you can imagine”. So, it’s confirmed then: a new Apple television is definitely in the works for release in the near future. However, with no content deals confirmed yet, it seems like that date is going to be much further off than what certain experts believe.