Month: August 2012

Making Use of Real Time GPS Vehicle Tracking

When maintaining multiple delivery vehicles, real time GPS vehicle tracking can take a good portion of the organizational burden many bosses and managers have to deal with. Bosses want to make sure that they have reliable delivery agents and they can compile data and build a more efficient system of guidelines through this service. This will also promote the efficiency of the drivers that you have. Installing a gps tracking system in your delivery vehicles is the first step to reaching a goal of making business run that much more smoothly. There are plenty of reports that GPS businesses provide that also help to maintain the health of the vehicle while protecting the delivery driver all at the same time. They have reports for mileage and the health of the vehicle being used. They can also calculate what is going to need to be looked at based on the start and stop frequency reports. Going to the right business will help to prevent any issues. For example, lo jack is made to benefit those that may have their vehicles stolen but their tracking system is really only available to the police personnel once the vehicle has been reported stolen. What if a driver ends up simply getting lost? With wireless service not being available for that alternative–they may not be able to help getting him back on track to...

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Indian Government Asks Twitter To Blocks Accounts Spreading Rumors, US Officials Intervene

As the Indian government has asked social networking sites to look for pages that contain any inflammatory message, US officials have asked their Indian counterparts to ensure that Internet freedom as they are taking measures to preserve national security. Victoria Nuland, a spokesperson for the State Department, spoke of the US government’s efforts to reiterate the importance of the freedom of speech, in saying, “As the Indian government seeks to preserve security, we are urging them also to take into account the importance of freedom of expression in the online world. Our understanding is that the Indian government is working with a number of our companies — Google, Facebook and now Twitter. We stand ready to be helpful if we can, as we always do with our companies, in those conversations.” This statement comes after the Indian government had asked Twitter to block certain accounts that were responsible for spreading false information or rumors that was the subject of much debate and was also the cause of panic among Indians citizens that were from the North-East part of the country. With freedom of expression being a key issue in the United States as well, it was also put forth that restrictions placed on the internet wasn’t supported as the aforementioned companies were speaking to the Indian government about the application of Indian law in terms of internet freedom. What...

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