In recent times, Google has been accused of abusing its domination of Internet search and advertising and has now reached a settlement with the European Commission (EU), keeping in mind the concessions asked by the EU in May this year.

Antoine Columbani, an EU spokesman, revealed progress in the developments between the two parties, in saying, “The commission considers Google’s proposals as a good basis for further talks and has now reached a good level of understanding.”

What Google is offering is anyone’s guess but it has been confirmed that meetings from here on will be held at the technical level so that a settlement can be reached and which will maintain the image that Google has taken so many years to build with its consumers.

The EU, after a two year investigation, found that Google, with its control over Internet Search, was giving some of its products prominence over others while still giving other businesses the impression that it had taken a neutral stance in these matters.

Considering the 90 percent market share that Google has in Europe, there’s no doubt that their business practices were affecting the competition causing Europe’s competition commissioner, Joaquin Almunia, to take these findings public – and push Google to make the necessary changes.

However, this isn’t the first time that Google has complied with such requests made in being threatened with litigation and fines if failing to abide by the rules. The wisdom of complying without hesitation might be because of Microsoft that has had to pay almost 2 billion Euros, thanks to a decade-long anti-trust lawsuit with the EU.