Article by Kristin Danieli of Inter-Tech Overload

The growing popularity of Tablet PC’s and the continuous new introduction of different models to the market have E-Reader creators like Barnes and Noble and Amazon concerned about what kinds of sales forecasts they can expect in the coming quarters, and what kind of product life these little gadgets can expect. Luckily enough for E-reader producers, tablet PC’s are not threatening sales for like-text electronic devices as most market analysts might expect.


Electronic reading devices like the Barnes and Noble Nook and Amazon Kindle seem to be beating out their more feature-rich competitors on the simple grounds of easier readability thanks to their basic design. Other analysts believe it’s the price point that have caught a lot of consumers’ attention; listed at considerably less than a tablet, most consumers opt out of having more advanced features in a trade for the convenience of a hand held reading device that delivers the basics of what their looking for.

As E-reader prices continue to fall while affordable monthly subscription plans are on the rise, some market trend watchers are starting to suggest that eventually we could see E-readers put on the market for free; which is to say free after consumers sign up with a set rate and set time period subscription service. Wherever the E-reader trend is going, it does not seem to be in too much danger of being overrun by the tablet frenzy, which is getting considerable attention but the evidence of its existence is little or unsubstantiated at best. In any sense, the electronic reading device market won’t be disappearing anytime soon.