Exciting chatter recently added to the constantly updating rumor mill of the Apple world has suggested that the iPhone 4S and iPhone 5 could be released as early as September of 2011. Usually leaked rumors that guess at when exciting new technology will be market ready come accompanied with images of the item under discussion, or at least something slightly more solid than what sparked this gamble at when Apple lovers can get a peek at the latest and greatest from their beloved technology empire.

In lieu of any hard evidence, it is safe to wonder at just what has the tech world in a buzz. The rumor was apparently sparked by increases in Apple’s financial activity with overseas investors that mimic past financial spikes that have occurred ahead of new releases in the past.

The same analysts have theorized that Apple will be premiering not just the latest version of the iPhone in the potential upcoming release, but will also be going in a new direction and hitting a price point with the pre-paid iPhone 4S, designed to appeal to markets previously ignored by the generally high price ranges that Apple is known for. Most individuals who have commented on this rumor online are entirely skeptical of a timed dual released, citing the impracticality of producing enough of both models in tandem as well as the issue of overwhelming the market and cannibalizing sales that would hurt the bottom line sales of the iPhone 5.