With tablet notebooks taking the spotlight this year, the demand for storage has become higher. There are a wide range of choices for sleeves and bags, but what exactly do you want to look for?


  1. Protection- more than anything you want something that will keep your computer safe. Despite all the fancy designs and features, in the end you want something that will protect your tablet. Look for something that will properly store the gadget. You want something with enough padding and one that will keep it safe from elements.
  2. Function- it is always great to have something more than just a storage compartment. Look for a tablet notebook case that will provide you with other functions as well. A lot of cases provide you with extra storage for items like pens, paper etc. Others may actually double as a bag and can fit more than just a tablet.
  3. Usability- a good number of cases will do more than just store your tablet notebook for you. It may also double as a stand where you can prop your notebook up on. Alongside this some cases may feature a space for keyboard as well. If you like having your tablet up then this is a good choice.
  4. Design- we admit that often times we look for something “cute” as well. A lot of tablet notebook cases come in a wide range of colors and materials. Of course you want something that will reflect your personality while doing what it should do.