Month: April 2011

Where You Can Find Singers Easily

Article written by Backstage Lounge It is an interesting divide: there are people who do as much as they can to find DJ’s for the parties that they are hosting, but cannot seem to find the right one. It is no different for these DJ’s who cannot find parties to play for, or at least not enough to get by. While the conventional form of advertising such as word of mouth has managed to “get the job done”, you cannot help but think that there is a better way in which you can find other types of entertainers like...

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Google Wants to Compete With Cable and Broadcast Television With YouTube

With the recent move by Google to turn YouTube into a competition for television, most experts believe that this will cause the site to lose its charm, ever since it has turned into a social platform for more and more users. And as soon as Google completes a series of changes that it has to make, in order to get YouTube competition-ready against the broadcast and cable television channels and networks. Ever since Wall Street reported Google’s major overhaul of YouTube on April 7, it has become abundantly clear that one of the things that Google will address is to entice its users to stay longer on YouTube in order to attract advertisers. And in the effort to move towards this new ‘model’, Google will infuse a lot of money and in the first of a series of changes, it will revamp the Home page of YouTube to highlight sets of channels revolving around sports and art. Professional programming will be a feature when it comes to these channels that will run into several hours while content that is already available on this site will also be converted into programming as well. And with the earlier stating that Google is willing to spend at least $ 100 million to get this low-cost content done for specifically for the Web, there is no doubt a whole lot of video bloggers,...

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