They call it the mobile-apps race, and despite the fact that Microsoft has recently joined in the race – with the release of the Windows Phone 7 operating system, though still behind Google and Apple, there is no doubt that there is progress when it comes to the developments that Microsoft is spearheading.

According to the latest updates, the Windows Marketplace has about 11500 applications out of which 7500 of them have to be paid for, while about 1110 apps generate ad revenue without charging anything to the customers.

While an average of these users download about 12 apps a month from the store, these figures pale in comparison to the industry leaders like Apple that has about 350,000 apps, while Google comes in second with about 150,000 apps.

Apple recently announced that ten billion apps had been downloaded so far from the iTunes store, while the number of Android apps have increased by 127 percent between August and February last year. One of Google’s top officials recently stated that by the middle of next year, the Android Market will become the market leader based on the number of apps available to its users.

However, Microsoft clearly states that it is not concerned about the meager number of apps that are already available because its focus is on quality more than quantity.  And with about 36000 developers working to develop apps for this Windows product, they are looking to create more possibilities and bring more functionality to new markets.