With the growing availability of high speed internet, media streaming is becoming more and more popular. Companies like Netflix and Hulu are leading the way by providing customers with on demand streaming services that don’t require the use of physical media. The internet and streaming media are allowing people to view content whenever they want and are leaving cable television service providers worried about losing their customers. More people are using the internet and streaming media as their entertainment source and canceling their cable subscriptions. Media streaming via the internet seems to be the future of how people will get their entertainment.

Streaming of media via the internet doesn’t have to be limited to computers. There are set top boxes that can easily hook up to a television and stream the media directly to the TV. Gaming systems such as the Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii and the Playstation 3 also allow people to stream media via the internet directly to their television. There are people that don’t realize how easy it is to stream content to their television, but once many of these people find out how easy it is, they never look back.

The price of streaming media via the internet can range from free to under $20 a month. It is really a cheap entertainment alternative when compared to cable television. Some networks offer free streaming of their shows on their websites. It appears that streaming media over the internet is going to keep growing and will definitely affect how entertainment is distributed in the future.