Google chrome is undoubtedly the fastest internet browser ever created. With all its features, the application dominated the competition when it comes to web browsers, dethroning Firefox and other competitors like Opera, Safari and Internet Explorer. With Chrome’s approximately 2 years in existence, it has released a lot of versions, with its latest at version 8. One of the notable features of Google Chrome 8 is its menu button where all of the features are compressed in one drop down menu.

All other browsers have current versions and their software is modified in terms of extensions, speed, support system and stability. In addition, they have also included some features like the bookmark manager and bookmark sync. On the other hand, the developers of Chrome have added a PDF reader, as well as certain modifications which address some security issues and bugs. Aside from these, the new version of Chrome has an improved interface, and it is compatible with almost every computers and operating systems. Because of this, a lot of internet enthusiasts have been impressed, and they have made Google Chrome one of the most downloaded browsers today.

Some of the features that make Google Chrome better than other browsers include a fast setup which allows you to install the program for in a few minutes. It also has a PDF reader and flash support which gives you the convenience of not having to download any extensions which usually creates hassles. Finally, the simplicity of the interface wherein everything you need can be found in one button.