In the past couple of years, Google Chrome has dominated internet browsing. Being branded as the fastest developed browsing software to date, it has become widely used and it has increased their market growth since it was released two years ago.

Because of the continuing efforts of the developers of Google Chrome, they have developed several versions of their browser over time. In fact, in a span of two years, they have come up with 8 versions of their web browser, with a continuing increase in speed, ease of use and internet safety.

Recently, they have launched the 8th version of the Chrome, and as always, Google has never let their users down with its improved features and additional extensions.

One of the basic things that you will expect from Google Chrome version 8 is ease of installation, which is featured even in their earlier versions. Another new feature of the Chrome is the built in extension of the PDF reader. It can be noted that in other browsers, you still need to install this application and most of the time it creates a lot of hassle because of failures to install the same. Thanks to the new Chrome, it is already installed in the program.

Finally, it also has extensions which are highly useable. The new Google Chrome has a feature (which is also present in previous versions) that allows a user to surf a site without being seen in the history. In addition, every time a new tab is opened, it will preview the most visited sites which can be accessed with a click of a button.