Let’s face it there are some of us who love the iPad and some of us who hate it to bits. Those who love it point out to everything it can do and how great everything looks on it. Those who hate it point out that it is just a glorified iPod that has been blown up in size which still can’t perform true multitasking.

Whichever way you swing, the truth is that Apple reigns supreme in the tablet market. The design is good, the software is virtually bug free and the iPad is a nice size to hold. All of this makes it a very decent product indeed. Yes, it can’t multi task and no, you can’t play the latest PC or Mac games on it; but then it wasn’t designed to do any of that. The iPad is aimed at a very specific market and from the latest figures to emerge, the iPad seems to have cornered around 95 percent of it.

Yes, that’s right, the iPad is the king of the tablets – for now at least. It’s only real competitor is Android. Now, although Google does not have a tablet PC of its own (yet), other manufacturers are coming out with a variety of different tablet PC’s; all of those tablets are being powered by Google’s Android OS. The head start that Apple has in the Tablet market may soon be cut down drastically as people find that they have a varied choice of Tablet PC’s to choose from.