It seems like everyone is out to get the iPad these days. But who can blame them? In the last decade Apple has been responsible for bringing in technology that was not only functional but extremely cool and trendy. Although they come in for criticism from various quarters, Apple still remains the ideas company to beat.

Motorola is not directly competing with the iPad in every aspect, but it does seem to be taking a serious effort at capturing a significant part of the tablet market. Currently everything on the newswires about a Motorola and Verizon partnership to develop a tablet together is officially a rumor. However, according to inside sources the device could debut as early as fall this year.

The tablet is rumored to run Android as its OS and feature a 10 inch screen. The main objective of this tablet will be to give users access to Verizon’s FiOS cable service. This alone will be an attention grabber because it will allow users to access a pay TV service, something that the iPad and Apple do not offer. Apple has long been wooing the major content owners for a service like this but has been completely unsuccessful. The company is working on a streaming service that is cloud based, but no one knows when or if it will be released.

The Motorola tablet is supposed to be lighter than the iPad and also thinner. It will also feature two cameras (front and back) and the missing link from the iPad, Adobe Flash.