Cooliris will forever be known for its funky imaging product which turns a whole bunch of photos into an interactive 3D wall. Its great success has been that it works on a variety of platforms and devices. Now the company is coming out with a product which it thinks will be revolutionary in a different field – Text.

The new app from Cooliris is called Discover and is scheduled to hit the App Store next week. Discover takes users through a very different way of experiencing Wikipedia. The app turns Wikipedia pages into very user friendly and visually pleasing pages that look more like the pages of a book. The conversion doesn’t just take the content from Wikipedia and slap a background on to it to make it look like a book. Instead, it actually takes the content, rearranges it to look better visually, expands the text to a readable size and then slaps a background to it.

Users can flip through the pages, scale up photos, etc. Changing orientation also affects how the information is shown. Once again orientation changes don’t simply mean showing the same thing in another way. Extra content is either loaded or removed depending on which orientation you are on. The app looks to be a winner with these excellent features and is sure to be a hit because it is free. Cooliris expects to make money serving up advertisements as Apple has finally agreed to let this method of revenue earning into the iOS world.