Recent news states that Apple, Inc. will be giving away free cases to the buyers of the Apple iPhone 4 to resolve the reception issue whenever a user covers the outer antenna of the device. The CEO of Apple Inc. has already made an apology to the public and to the users of the recent iPhone stating that not all phones are perfect and they do not get perfect reception all the time. As of today, there are over 3 million people in the United States who have already bought he device and as recently released in Apple’s website, these people are entitled to a free case. But since the company cannot make Bumper cases for every buyer, they will let their customers choose from various case designs.

Apple has also stated that they will be giving refunds for those people who have already acquired a Bumper case. Aside from this, buyers who buy the latest iPhone up to the 30th of September 2010 will be entitled to a free case. This problem was brought about when people started complaining about their calls being dropped every time they held a certain part of the device. Further investigation revealed that the cause of these reception problems rooted from the gamble on Apple’s part when they decided to make a new design, making use of the outer parts of the phone as its antenna. This new design may have saved space for the sleek appearance of the phone, but it has caused a number of complaints.The Consumer Reports magazine has stated that in order to fix this problem, a covering should be placed in the antenna spot to fix the problem, hence the release of the free phone cases from Apple.