Right now, Steve Jobs probably wishes he could act like an Ostrich and bury his head in the sand. These days, embarrassments seem to be the norm when it comes to anything Apple. First it was the AT&T breach on the iPad 3G(which can’t be blamed too much on Apple), then it was the Antenna issue on iPhone 4G and then the Exchange Active Server issue. These issues are bad enough for any company, but for one that sneers down at others and portrays itself as “untouchable” in quality and usability, these are disastrous.

But what is worse is the new revelation that Apple was aware of one of these issues before the release of the iPhone 4G and did nothing about it.According to Bloomberg, a senior Apple engineer and antenna expert, Ruben Caballero warned the company about the exact antenna problem as far back as last year. Whether they hoped it would go away by ignoring it or whether they decided that the development process was too far gone to fix it is something we will never know. What we do know is that Apple has suffered a lot of bad press because of their obstinate nature; this purely refers to their statement of “hold it the right way” as a fix to the antenna problem.However in light of the Caballero issue, it seems that Apple is now ready to offer a better response.

The company announced that they will be holding a special press conference on Friday. The aim is to respond to all the problems that their customers are facing. BUT, they did not state if a solution to the antenna issue will be presented or whether it will be discussed at all.