The overwhelming joy that many Apple fans felt when they got hold of the fabled iPhone 4G, soon turned sour when the first big bug was discovered. “Want to talk? Hold it right.”

It quickly became evident that the iPhone was very finicky about where the user placed their hand. Holding it in the lower left hand corner meant that the user would suffer from bad signal reception or even a call disconnect. The problem stems from Apple’s “radical” idea of placing an external antenna wrapped around the circumference of the phone. Apple’s simple solution to the problem was “don’t hold the phone like that”.

Just as people were getting to grips with using the finicky device, a new revelation has been made. Apple has made, in their own words, “a stunning” discovery. Apparently, the software that calculates and displays the signal strength (the five bars you see at the top) is flawed. The bottom line of this is, What You See Is Not What You Get. So users have been left clueless as to the exact signal strength that they are receiving.

It appears that through this issue, Apple is trying to shift some attention away from the antenna issue in order to do some damage control. However, this does not mean that the bug does not exist. All it means is that this is only the second of what could possibly be a long line of errors and problems the iPhone 4G could throw up. So far Apple has not announced a fix for the software glitch.