Two million iPads in sixty days – that is how many iPads Apple has sold so far. This roughly works out to over Thirty three thousand iPads a day, proving the naysayers wrong. One of those naysayers included Apple’s favorite rival Bill Gates.

Unfortunately for Gates, not only is the iPad selling well but Microsoft’s own Surface technology is far from being ready for release. Even worse news was that the only viable contender to the iPad’s throne, the HP Slate, dropped Windows as its OS and moved onto Palm webOS.

The Windows shaped hole created by the exit of HP created an opportunity for others, namely Asus and MSI. Both manufacturers came out with their contenders at Computex; Asus with its Eee Pad and MSI with the WindPad. The lack of imagination in naming the devices seems to have followed the design process into the devices itself.

The 10 inch Eee Pad will run Windows Embedded Compact 7 and the 12 inch will run Windows 7 Home Premium. MSI will also run Home Premium on their 10 inch WindPad 100 model, but might switch to Android in the next model, the 110. Both have revealed very little other than a few details about processors, RAM and internal storage specs.

Only MSI has said anything about a 2010 release and that too was vague. Asus on the other hand as committed to a 2011 first quarter release. All in all, the signs are not very encouraging and if the HP Slate bombs out (if it is ever released at all) later this year, then the iPad will rule for a long time to come.