iCaramba! That’s what Bart Simpson would say, because even Bart Simpson has a heart. It would be heartless to be rude to an old woman, but it would be downright evil to be rude AND to break the heart of an old disabled woman. But that is exactly what Apple did this week.

According to San Francisco’s KGO-TV, a Palo-Alto Apple store refused to sell an iPad to a disabled woman. The reason? She wanted to pay them the full amount IN CASH!!!

Diane Campbell had been saving up for months so that she could buy an iPad to browse the internet. Once she had enough cash saved up, she dumped it in a backpack and set off to the Apple Store. At the store she picked up a nice looking iPad and went up to the counter to purchase it. That’s when she discovered Apple’s NO CASH policy. Simply put, No plastic-No sale. Like many of the old school Americans, she did not possess a credit card and so she was turned away.

The story has raised a public outcry and directed a lot of anger in Apple’s direction. While the policy may work well online and for the iTunes Store, as a corporate policy it leaves a bad taste in people’s mouths. Thankfully, after the issue was highlighted, Apple changed the policy a few days later. They have also provided Diane with the iPad she once craved. However, it is sad to note that it took an ugly incident like this for Apple to see the light.