A year ago the Google killer was born… or so it was said at the time. Wolfram Alpha launched with a lot of expectation and much fanfare, but a year later the Wolf is yet to make a kill.

It is sad to note that visitors to the site have actually dropped. Fewer visitors went to the radical search engine this April than they did last May. This perhaps suggests that it was just the curiosity factor that drove traffic there in the first place.

It is actually a shame that it has turned out this way; not that anyone wants Google to be “killed” or any such nonsense. But the fact is Stephen Wolfram, the founder of Wolfram Alpha, wanted to give people a search engine with a true difference. The engine is geared towards computational queries and by curating its results, it provides very authoritative information.

However, this has more or less led to its downfall of sorts. The general public does not feel very comfortable with this type of strategy. To address this, the company is going more “mainstream”. The homepage is being given a revamp and music, sports, health and other pop culture friendly subjects are being added to its repository of information. Stephen Wolfram said that they were building something that could understand what people were saying. The project has now more than doubled the information they started out with, which should go long way in addressing some of the issues they had.