Usually when the big boys hit the courtroom, the small fry have no chance. But in what could be compared to a David versus Goliath situation, LG Display has actually lost a case it brought against AUO and Chi Mei Optoelectronics.

The South Korean arm of LG filed the patent infringement action against the Taiwanese firm in 2006, who in turn filed a counter claim. After four long years, not only did the case go against LG Display, but the proceedings also determined that LG itself had infringed on four patents. The patents are those that deal with

1. Technology that enhance the response times
2. Technology that improves reliability
3. Technology that fixes image defect problems
4. Technology that enables compact form factors (e.g.: Handheld devices, etc).

The ramifications of this ruling will be felt in time to come. But in the immediate future there looms an import ban which AUO and Chi Mei Optoelectronics are trying to get enforced. If the ban comes into effect, it will mean that LG can longer import and sell any device that is deemed to be infringing these patents. This in effect rules out many models of cell phones, LCD TVs, public information displays, notebooks and monitors manufactured by LG. As a result, LG could be staring at millions if not billions in losses ahead.

So far there has been no mention of any settlement. In fact, the press release that was issued later by the plaintiff had no mention of a request of any sort for monetary remuneration.