Losing a phone is traumatic enough for most people, but if you happen to work for Apple and the phone you lost was a prototype iPhone 4G, then you probably will have a heart attack. Gray Powell recently went to German beer garden to celebrate his 27th birthday and promptly lost his iPhone 4G. The person who found it apparently tried to locate the owner and upon failing to do so sold it to the gadget blog known as Gizmodo.

According to Briam Lam, the editorial director, the iPhone 4G was soon remotely shut down by Apple. This led to the interesting question of what type of control Apple has in store for us with the 4G or even now with the devices we have. After the news broke, Apple sent a letter to Gizmodo asking them to return the device. The website complied after making a few observations.

The prototype has a camera with a bigger lens at the back and includes a flash as well. A front facing camera was also present which hinted at video conferencing capabilities. An extra microphone was also spotted at the top of the device and this will probably be used for noise cancelling purposes.
Although the device looked more “boxy” than the 3GS, it is widely acknowledged that this may not be the final design. There are also several conspiracy theories going on about the find, including one that suggests that this was a plant by Apple to generate interest in the upcoming product.