After weeks of rumors and non-committal statements from the manufacturer, LG has finally ‘spilt the beans’. This week LG announced that the LX9500, which it plans to release in May, will be the first HDTV in the world to feature 3D as well as an LED backlit LCD screen.

The upcoming model will be available in two varieties, a 47-inch and a 55-inch version. Both models will be packed to the brim with features like 3D, HDMI, USB 2.0 and integrated Skype software. It also features TruMotion 400 Hz (480 Hz) and a dynamic contrast ratio of 10,000,000:1. The 3D glasses used to watch TV employ the shutter glass technique, which means each lens is blocked out alternatively in relation to the refresh rate of the TV. This also enables it to add more depth to the image. The good news about the glasses are that they are USB powered, so all you have to do is leave it plugged into the TV or PC and the batteries will be charged. Once fully charged, the batteries are expected to run for 40 hours allowing for uninterrupted viewing.

The TV also supports the new Multi Picture Format, which means that users can plug in their 3D cameras directly into the TV and view what they’ve shot without having to go to a computer to convert them. The LG TVs are expected to hit the Korean market first in the coming months, so as to get the jump on their main competitor, Samsung. European and U.S. consumers will have to wait till May for LG’s launch. So far, the unofficial word is that the TVs will be priced along the $4,000 mark.